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self publishing

Don’t Trick Your Audience

That’s a headline for a post that could be really long. Oops, adverb. I don’t have the Roundup loaded either. Maybe Monsanto does. So do you feel mislead or tricked […]

Never Use These Words

Practically. Almost. Just. Nearly. Kind of. Sort of. Essentially. Roughly. Your (my) characters are either going to DO something, or not DO something. If they are in mid-act of something, […]

No Man Buns

Just so you are aware, I hate man buns. (The hair concept, not the rear end concept). Either it’s samurai hair fashion gone wrong or long hair that is too […]

Character Fashion

I can see my character in my head. How her hair looks. What shoes she is wearing. But you can’t. So it’s up to me to create a very clear, […]