Write a Novel on Your Phone?!

I was in Best Buy getting a cloud printer for my laptop that ended up not working and now I have to return it. I picked up a Bluetooth keyboard when it occurred to me I could use it to type on my iPhone.

So I downloaded Microsoft Word and paired the little Logitech keyboard to my phone and started typing sentences. Other than the screen being small -it is actually clearer than my stupid laptop. I could actually write something of length with a keyboard and phone. Downside would be lack of a mouse.

I’m old school. Started off on a massive tank of a machine – a 386 computer with DOS. I’ve had all sorts of Macs and PCs and laptops over the years. Nothing has been my “favorite”. I do get really excited when it comes to Open Source and Linux and therefore hate Apple’s proprietary stance.

Chromebooks are my thing for now. Maybe at some point I’ll even give that up and write on a phone or tablet.

Anything is really possible. I’m going to keep telling myself that.

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