Who Am I?

Once upon a time there was a shy and lanky girl who was rarely seen without roller skates attached to her feet…

Long story short, after being relentlessly teased at school in an affluent Bay Area community, she became a web designer and photographer, escaped to another California settlement that grew and grew so the girl moved to a very small town in Nevada. Then Montana. Then back to Nevada.

Writing started on an electric Brother typewriter. Then a beastly computer called a 386 which ran DOS and really couldn’t do much more than word processing.

Today I write in Reno, NV.

My posse of two dogs and son wait for another move escape from an ever growing noisy, dirty, crazy populous so I can raise goats and a horse.

If there was supposed to be something more interesting in this biographical satire then perhaps I will think of it and include it at a later date. Until now, do me a favor and read one of my books.