My Books

Books by McKenzie Devlin.


White Rock

White Rock takes place in a National Park. Imagine for a moment if you lived and worked around the same people 24/7? If your boss lived next door? If your ex-boyfriend woke up every morning to witness your awkward attempt yet adrenaline pumping experience of dating someone new? Privacy would be cherished, wouldn’t it? Just not respected.

A Dangerous Kind of Girl

This is the sequel to White Rock. Does he or doesn’t he come back? Well of course he does! So far no trilogy planned but you never know. No hanging ending here however.

Resisting Bristol Parker

I find psychology and mental health fascinating. But I didn’t want to go too far with it in a romance novel. Find out when our main gal falls for her psychiatrist. What’s even more complex is when Dr. Walsh realizes this is no average patient. I am working on the sequel – which is about half done.

Graphic Novels

The Everyday Zombie Handbook

(Graphic novel, humor). Find out why and how zombies will attack. What you should do about it and consider some long term planning. I intended it to be a comic relief guide and got a lot of slack from the zombie-enthusiast community.

The Unexpected Zombie

(Graphic novel, humor). Okay now – if you couldn’t stand my first satirical zombie book, you will really HATE this one. So grab a cup of wine and dig in ladies and gentlemen. Really – what if there was an unexpected zombie?! Who exactly is this creature of flesh eating preference? I address this issue with a bit more severity than my first attempt. It is listed under “humor” books on Amazon.

Building 6

(Graphic novel, short story, horror). Do you live in an apartment complex where everyone knows everyone else’s business? Do you hear strange noises in the walls? Tenants acting weird in the hallway? I wouldn’t say this is a typical zombie book but it might make you question things while were are all home a lot more during Covid.

Books by Kenna Derrick.

*Kenna Derrick is my other pen name

Tempted by the Unexpected

Romance. Find it here, at Apple Books and download a sample. Also on Amazon and Smashwords.

I’m just going to come out and say it regarding this book – it is a short but to the point steamy tale of an artist and a lawyer, who has ideas of the not so uncommon fantasy of having sex in risky places – even in public. He can’t really satisfy this due to his line of work. Up to you to read and find out how far he takes urges. And once you live out those fantasies rumbling around in your head – are they as exciting as you thought they’d be. This is a short read available in print or e-book at major retailers however I would urge you to check it out on Apple.

Two sequels are written – I just haven’t fully proofed them yet.

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