Writing is a great way to explore pushing boundaries.

Let’s take care of business right off the bat: consider my newest book on Amazon, Resisting Bristol Parker (print) or Kindle edition. It will be available on other platforms soon.

It’s one thing to have thoughts about someone we aren’t supposed to. Then add in the question of ethics. Which wins? I’m not talking about cheating in a marriage or something as that has been written about to death. What about crossing the line when it comes to the doctor/patient relationship?

I am drawing from real life a tiny bit – which I won’t go into but at some point I started the process of note taking and vomiting story ideas into the computer. What would happen when a damaged young girl being treated by a psychiatrist having a mid life crisis fell for each other?

I actually concocted the idea years ago but every which way I thought of it – I didn’t like it. But a few months ago I picked it up and busted out a 219 page book. I’m working on the sequel right now.

All of this is to say, maybe stuff is too taboo or unheard of in real life. Or plain wrong. Why not write about it? Your brain will figure out if it should take form on paper (or screen) and if others should read your creation. I have written things – full books, that I have decided are not going to find their way into the hands or minds of anyone. This could be for a number of reasons.

Writing is a thing of vast beauty. Even if you aren’t aiming to publish, may I urge you to write? No – not texting or emailing or commenting on social media. That isn’t writing…. and that is a blog post for another time.

So cross a boundary. Live a little though writing.

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