Writing Through a Pandemic

At first it seemed like we were all living through a nightmare. Then it morphed into annoyance mixed with fear. And finally….realization of a new way of life, or living.

Today I’m just tired of it all. Burned out on Covid-19 press conferences, masks and stores still lacking toilet paper. I’m wondering when it will be safe to travel to see my daughter, some 300 miles away.

But one night I sat down and put up about 3000 words on a pandemic story. Now, don’t expect me to share it with you. Yet. But I’m trying something new…releasing some sections of my books. Starting today.

Here is a clip from A Dangerous Kind of Girlhttps://www.smashwords.com/books/view/665710

Adam lay arched on the ground.
His gigantic pack cushioned the fall but he was splayed on top of it.
Kris took a shaky step toward his silent body.
There was a lot of blood, but from the looks of things, the gunshot entered the lower
section of him. Kris took another step. Then another. Her eyes fixated on blood oozing out
of his right leg. The wound was very high up, almost to his groin.
An appropriate wound.

Thereafter she fell to her knees. The gun, still in hand, hit the ground. Waves of extreme
nausea and vertigo swept over her.

Time was lost. The sun was high in the sky when they started out but now there were
long shadows on the ground. The forest was still. Not even a bird chirped.
She would keep to the plan and take off into the back country for the night. If she
followed the dry river canyon to the boundary or a fire road, she could wait things out and
reassess if needed. Helicopters overhead would be one clear signal that Adam’s body was
found. The whine of emergency vehicles echoing off the canyon would certainly giving her
some clues.

A tear streaked down her face. So caught up in this stupid, insane plan, she had not
properly said goodbye to Michael. Any formal goodbye, or any hint of a goodbye and he
would of chained her to a post.

Clearly Adam would of never stopped. She had to do this. All the other options, all the
other attempts and calls upon law enforcement had failed. Not even the skilled security
team succeeded in finding Adam.

As if on cue, a noise came from his body. Then another. Kris twisted backward.
Oh god. What if he wasn’t dead?

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