If a Zombie Apocalypse Struck a Car Dealership…

Would you even care?

(My) answer: yes. However…if they took out the entire service department filled with fashionistas that know NOTHING about cars, I would be grateful.

Uhg. Traded in the ol’ Toyota truck and got a Ram. Which is amazing, powerful and head turning… but it has a weird steering problem that is driving me nuts. The dealership service department doesn’t know up from down.

But aside from that massive purchase, I am living cheap. Like top ramen for breakfast and toast for dinner. I don’t think the U.S. economy has seen the worst of the coronavirus just yet. I hope things return to normal for now but I’m not holding my breath. And it’s good to live cheap, whether you need to or not. Saving lends to things like freedom later on and not trying to keep up with the family next door with boats, ATVs, designer dog and all the children clad in Under Armor. Nope. Not me. I wait for my pants to rip and holes to grow in my shirts before I buy clothes.

So if Zombies were ravaging the land right now….would life look any different than it has been? Aren’t we all looking over our shoulder at that lady in the grocery store that won’t cover her sneeze or coughing fit? Zombies are the least of our worries. Droplets of infectious viral material are a lot more dangerous.

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