No Man Buns

Just so you are aware, I hate man buns. (The hair concept, not the rear end concept). Either it’s samurai hair fashion gone wrong or long hair that is too greasy to let down, which is stemming out of laziness in not washing your man hair every day.

I pledge this day, that no character of mine, earthly or not, will ever adorn a strange hair ornament fastened to the back of the head, commonly referred to as a man BUN.

Buns are rear ends.
Buns are for use with hot dogs.
Buns are dripping with cinnamon and frosting.
Buns are what women do with long locks.
Buns are sometimes little furry animals that run around and eat my grass.

Please keep male fashion away from the bun. I implore you. At some point in the future, I will address the man pony tail. I would say it’s neither “pony” or “tail” but a beard gone astray.

Until next time,
Non-bun loving female author

~ ~ ~
Books by McKenzie:
White Rock (romance)
The Everyday Zombie Handbook (humor)
The Unexpected Zombie (humor)
Building 6 (horror)

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