My Latest Excuses for Not Writing

I am, however, editing. I hate editing.

Reasons why I am not working on a new book right now:

  1. Pokemon Go. This game/app has turned me upside down. I’m outside looking for Geodude, Nidoran, Pidgey…and they are apparently in my car, in my hallway. I actually got in the car and drove to a nearby park because the app said there was some thing I had to go get. Help me… 
  2. It’s hot. I can’t write in the heat. Brain cells are scientifically proven to melt if the temperatures are above 87 degrees. When sweating occurs, it means I am incapable of sentence creation.
  3. My dogs are being way too needy. Yesterday they asked me to take them to the north valleys of Reno to wash them. We used a lot of soap and played with the blow dryer for an unacceptable amount of time. Then for some reason they wanted to go for a walk later in the evening. And then they needed brushing. And a bedtime story.
  4. The news has me hooked. Every other minute there’s a terrible breaking story – something about Hillary’s emails and shootings. I’m at a loss for rational thinking after this.
  5. I’m mourning the end of Game of Thrones season. I hear there aren’t many left. Sunday nights will never be the same. I think Cercie is a sick bitch. Go Danerys! You can do it! Dragons always win. Wasn’t I supposed to be writing something…?
  6. Reno has way too many stupid events on Friday nights during the summer. Artown. That food/park thing at Idlewild. Some concert at Bartley.  The river is flowing. My fishing pole is calling. Thomas Creek Trail…it’s threatening me if I don’t get over and plant my feet in some dirt, I’m gonna be in trouble.
  7. Sadly because of family health decline – I’m in a zone of non-writing. I sit and stare at things and get depressed.
  8. Did I say Pokemon Go? Well I need to get back to work. If you see a Charmander, flag me down.


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