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The other day I was driving down Virginia Street in Reno. For some reason I turned my head and stared at one of those old sketchy stores  – because traffic was […]

Blame Summer

Summer is evil. Sunshine, hiking, swimming, long evenings and ice cream that melts quickly. However, I am writing almost nothing. Except this blog. So I’m blaming summer for causing distraction […]

No Man Buns

Just so you are aware, I hate man buns. (The hair concept, not the rear end concept). Either it’s samurai hair fashion gone wrong or long hair that is too […]

Haunted by the 1980s

“Hello?” “Hi.” “Who is this?” “It’s 1984.” “You scared me.” “You should be scared.” “Why are you calling?” “Because you miss me.” “Why would I miss you? The 80s sucked.” […]

Quick Blogging

You don’t read anymore. You scan. Your eyes pluck out few words here and there, stick them together to gather the gist of whatever it is you are reading and wham! […]

Character Fashion

I can see my character in my head. How her hair looks. What shoes she is wearing. But you can’t. So it’s up to me to create a very clear, […]

The Awkwardness of Sex

Think it’s all like the movies? Heavily scripted, perfect dull lighting, hair all nasty and tangled, ripped abs. Everyone assumes they know exactly how to pleasure the other person? Think […]

Social Media Myths

If you ask it, someone will respond. No, not really. Unless you heavily provoke, nobody will respond. If you have 5948 followers on Twitter, you must be very important and […]

Damsel in Distress

What’s a good mix of qualities for a romance heroine? (Spare me from the 50 Shades of Abuse). Well, you need to decide her purpose in the story. Is she […]