Off Twitter for Good

I don’t think much is real on there. I think it’s a popularity contest…who can get the most followers. Who can get the most re-tweets, likes, etc. Who can say the most sludge and get mentioned on CNN.

Most of all I didn’t like a strange evil version of myself that had evolved on Twitter. It wasn’t me anymore.

For my own sanity, self respect and desire to have some faith in humanity, I needed to leave. Sorry if I offended you. Don’t get me wrong – it was the “other me”. The “evil me”.

There’s a few of you who said kind things and gave me likes and rt’s that warmed my soul. Thanks for that. I get a sense of who is real and who is in a blind rage of an agenda driven roller coaster.

Twitter isn’t right for me. It’s not time well spent.

I’ll be blogging…because it forces me to slow down and think of words. Extract real emotion. Contemplate.

One less footprint on the web. Perhaps more in real life….

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