You Don’t Date Your Therapist

But you’d like to right? 

Revealing and sharing to a person you really don’t know. Who isn’t supposed to judge. And then they make you feel better. That’s a recipe for some taboo thoughts…

What a great idea for a book.

I haven’t written much in the past couple years due to…well, therapy or a large onslaught of things that hit my life causing me to suffer several emotional and mental break downs.

Really all you can do is give something time. And realize we really aren’t in control of what happens to our lives but we can control what we do with our lives.

We can stop hoping for easy lives and focus on building inner strength to enjoy the difficult lives we all have.

(Some famous therapist said that.)

I’m back at it. And thinking it’s time for a new laptop as well. My old desktop tower is getting tired. 

New Year’s Resolutions: shun all social media except blogging. Run more even if my brain works overtime to convince me not to. Stop crying when listening to Ghost’s “Life Eternal” (if Satanism or Metal bothers you – don’t look it up). And start going to bed at a decent hour. I would include write more but that’s not going to be a resolution – I’m just doing it no matter what. Fluff and fan fair cut out – writing is happening. 

See you in 2019! 

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