Drought in the Rubies.

First of all I don’t mean to be oblivious or callous towards all those who have suffered with the Coronavirus. Plus we have had such a divisive election season. This has all been so hard.

And my search for housing has given new meaning to “tearing one’s hair out”.

But please, Mother Nature, at least after such a terrible fire season in the west – where on earth is the snow??! Because what does one do to stay entertained in a very remote area of Nevada?

You cross country ski.
Ice fish.
Snow mobile.
Snow camp.
Build igloos.
Ice skate.
Plow your drive.

But this winter I have driven around on half iced roads, which is annoying. Washed the salt off my truck (road crews are throwing down toooo much). Written blog posts while listening to the dogs snore in the background. Made a lot of coffee. Growled at my loud neighbors. And wanting to shout profane words at non-mask wearing people in the stores.

I want to go visit my daughter 5 hours away. See my niece and nephew in San Diego. Find a house with a yard for my poor dogs. Travel. And most importantly I want to find hope, happiness and goodness again. It is a full time job to keep my head up these days. I miss my parents who both died 15 months apart and I never got to say goodbye… I miss family gatherings with the drunk uncle playing pool and telling you what’s wrong with the country. I want to go to a rock concert and become deaf, screaming and jumping up and down in front of my favorite band. I want to know if it’s safe for me to get the vaccine…

So all I can do is…write, draw, listen to music via the speakers in the living room, school my boy, walk the dogs (not at the park), write reviews about crappy real estate agents on Google and wonder if we wouldn’t all be better off being a pirate on the Black Pearl.

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