What is a waste of time?

I’ve been thinking how best to use my time…since I’m home all of the time. I recently sprained my elbow and my thumb while in the process of falling down in the bedroom. Nope, don’t get any ideas, nothing exciting was happening. My foot got twisted in the sheet draped off the side of the bed and well the rest is history. Funny thing because the day before I had hiked and scrambled down in canyons with my son taking shots of fall color. Plus I had just moved to an upstairs apartment. Nope. I get inured cleaning up around home.

What is a waste of time? I should be digging and searching for some catchy way to make a lot of cash. I should make dolls from pipe cleaners and sell them on Etsy. I should return to coding so I see visions of PHP dance in my head 23 hours a day. I should write more books. I should…

But then I think, aren’t these all a waste of time? Creative people tend to be the most critical people of their own lives and work. You never escape it. I learn to ignore the voices but sometimes they are loud and cranky. Which turns into heavy procrastination.

I’ve decided you have to just force yourself, block out the ruminating garbage trying to take over your mind, get off social media (truly – do it – I don’t mean you need to end all your accounts – just quit checking them!), go take a walk then sit the hell down and write, draw, paint, code, blog, or play music. Just do it.

Okay off subject – I’m focusing less on Amazon and more on Apple (will write more later on that).. Here’s a link to Resisting Bristol Parker. Version 2, all fresh and updated and re-edited. ** Give indie authors a break, we strive to make it all perfect but stuff falls through the cracks!

Of course you can find it on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and big bad Amazon too.

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