The Awkwardness of Sex

Think it’s all like the movies? Heavily scripted, perfect dull lighting, hair all nasty and tangled, ripped abs. Everyone assumes they know exactly how to pleasure the other person? Think again.

Sex isn’t always like the movies. Especially if it’s one of these situations:

  • Your first time.
  • With someone you’ve had a crush on for an eternity. 9 times out of 10, the sex is lack luster and your fantasies are extinguished faster than a match in a dry Nevada wind.
  • You feel intimidated.
  • Expectations are too high.
  • Attraction is low. (Why would you have sex with someone you aren’t attracted to? That’s another post….)
  • Your inhibitions are taking over.
  • Too much emphasis on old fashioned thinking.
  • You are out of shape and embarrassed about being naked in front of someone.
  • Someone farted.
  • Body odor that offends you.
  • Out of nowhere, his or her fetish rears it’s ugly head. You aren’t prepared and there were no warning signs.
  • ___________________ (add your own here.)

Problem is, sex is awkward lots of times for different reasons. Porn is lame and boring, so I’m not talking about that. 

I detail a steamy scene in White Rock where Kris intends to change the thinking of Michael. She hates being labeled innocent and equates it to being a lowly human being in his presence. So Kris tries to prove she is anything but innocent by catching him off guard and uses her mouth to –

Sorry, you’ll have to read it.

Free e-book here.

Print and Kindle versions here. 

Bottom line – awkward sex can be overcome, (no pun intended), and lead to much hotter encounters. Of course in a book, anything is possible. I just had to put in a little bit of realism so it would all be much more believable. Uh, while perhaps a little shocking at the same time. Yet, I’m not in the business of writing degrading sex novels, uh, as some shady people are.

Awkward moment. 

Well, it’ll pass. In the meantime, read White Rock.

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