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First of all Happy New Year. And secondly, if you live in California and are affected by non stop storms, I hope you are moving to higher ground. I grew up in the Bay Area and recall storms like this in the 70’s and 80’s. Unfortunately the media has forgotten everything in the past and now it’s a “shocker” when too much rain falls.

However we have too much snow out in Spring Creek, Nevada. Hopefully it will not warm up and melt off too fast. And of course all the water will mean the overgrowth of invasive plants which will dry out in what will surely be a tortuous heat wave and then comes the wildfire season.

Aside from moving feet of snow I have been rewriting my first book White Rock. I probably shouldn’t. I flipped through a few pages not long ago and I was angered at how horrible my writing was. Maybe it still is. As a creative individual who suffered a traumatic series of events from youth to young adult I am my harshest critic and become riddled with doubt and perfectionism. So of course the solution is to keep writing and not look back. I advise this of all your inclinations to create whether it’s writing, playing music, making art, cooking etc. Keep forging ahead.