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McKenzie Devlin

Stuck on a Scene

You’ve been writing away when suddenly terror strikes. The dreaded scene you can’t get past. You procrastinate. You wash the dog, make brownies, tell the neighbor their tree is dropping […]

What is a waste of time?

I’ve been thinking how best to use my time…since I’m home all of the time. I recently sprained my elbow and my thumb while in the process of falling down […]

Get Lost.

Sometimes the only way through tough times is to be okay with being lost. It means maybe you are ready to take action. Or try a different turn in the […]

Men, Women and Drama.

Would it surprise you to find out that men have drama? In fact sometimes I think they produce more drama than women. They just won’t acknowledge it. Now, if you’re […]

Writer Distractibility

I may have written about procrastination in a former post. Procrastinating is not the same as being distracted but they overlap. I don’t know what the cure is for procrastinating […]

Don’t Trick Your Audience

That’s a headline for a post that could be really long. Oops, adverb. I don’t have the Roundup loaded either. Maybe Monsanto does. So do you feel mislead or tricked […]

You Don’t Date Your Therapist

But you’d like to right?  Revealing and sharing to a person you really don’t know. Who isn’t supposed to judge. And then they make you feel better. That’s a recipe […]

Off Twitter for Good

I don’t think much is real on there. I think it’s a popularity contest…who can get the most followers. Who can get the most re-tweets, likes, etc. Who can say […]

Visual is Everything

It’s been awhile. I’ll skip the excuses and get to the point. Once upon a time there was film cameras… Nah, wait. Okay, now we have smart phone cameras. And […]

Never Use These Words

Practically. Almost. Just. Nearly. Kind of. Sort of. Essentially. Roughly. Your (my) characters are either going to DO something, or not DO something. If they are in mid-act of something, […]


You know  you’re from Nevada if: You forgot you were born in another state You blame all your problems on chem trails You wear Chapstick morning noon and night Your […]