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When it’s nearly done but so far from finished…


Books are never complete, especially if you’re the author. The internal monologue convincing you to do better never shuts up. And I’m no fan of the worn out, beaten down phrase to always “try your best”. How many devoted creative types don’t “try our best”? We put out our best efforts all the time. Sometimes this strive to perfection locks us in a cage of doubt and despair so I say we should do away with this crap “doing our best”. It goes without saying we work hard and persist.

So after a terrible flu recently and an upswing in my terrible asthma, I’m back at the keyboard with re-writes, corrections and general delusions of throwing this entire book into the garbage.

Doing my best isn’t the problem. Telling the dog to stop whining, cleaning the kitchen floor, washing the car, picking hair out of the bathroom drain…. procrastination IS my problem.

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