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Social Media Myths

  1. If you ask it, someone will respond.
    No, not really. Unless you heavily provoke, nobody will respond.
  2. If you have 5948 followers on Twitter, you must be very important and well respected.
    It means you are good at getting followers, but is anyone listening to what you are saying? Ooh, wait, you just got Favorited! Oh hell, here’s a re-tweet. Now what?
  3. You will build amazing friendships.
    What type of friendship would that be? I am still at a loss to understand how humans can form real connections with just bits of data.
  4. You will build a following, which in turn will be customers, readers, clients, etc.
    If you want to spend ALL DAY “cultivating” your social media persona and brand, then, yes, maybe you can gain what you put into it. But then when do you have time to actually work, write, create?
  5. If you “work at it” (social media), it will provide you with your wildest dreams.
    This is bullshit. Or maybe horse shit, which I like better than bullshit. Okay, yes, sit all day, stay on your phone, watch life pass you by, stay hunched over in a small dark room, tweeting, updating, blogging… So where are your wildest dreams? In cyberspace. Did they come true?
  6. Social is about promoting and selling. A nice platform to start a conversation.
    Yes and no. Try and sell products and services directly and you will be shunned. Ignored. Say provocative things and all of the sudden, every one will bring out a club to beat you or engage in a rather boring conversation consisting of acronyms and ill formed thoughts.
  7. Social media is a positive force.
    Where have you been? I see a majority of people saying crap they would never have the guts to say in real life. Critical people going to town on your ass, on your idea, on your dog, on your freedom of speech. DOWN WITH THIS BITCH! Oh wait – over on Facebook, there’s a happy cloud of people talking about cats. Until you figure out this happy-talk is really a disguise.
  8. Social media is a wonderful universe where all are welcomed and accepted.
    Guess again. It’s high school but worse. Social media is on our phone, next to our pillow at night, at work, at school, at the doctor, on vacation…check-check-check-tweet-update-share-update-tweet. Remember, you’d better work at it! And those other people with numb butts are working at it too, you’d better keep up!
    —> AND, if people don’t like your opinion or view, be ready with battle armor. You will be pulverized.
  9. If I don’t do social media, I am behind the times. I am a loser.
    Who sold you on that bill of goods? Or rather, bushel of rotten apples? Grow a spine. Call your family. Go out and walk the dog and join a dog group. Talk to people at a coffee shop. Go to a church. Volunteer. Losers sit on their phones, computers and tablets, doing stupid shit on social media.
  10. You HAVE to be on social media in order to have a staunch online presence.
    And…uh, where has that online presence gotten you? Aside from charities and people getting help – – I’m a bit lost on the great good that social media is doing. Ever hear of a pesky terrorist group starting with the letter “I”? They seem to be recruiting all kinds of disgruntled folk. Now, what does that say about social media?

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